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Interviewed by novatutors

University of Amsterdam

A bit about Phoebe

I have worked in education and tutoring since I was 16, teaching a variety of subjects including: English literature, language, History of Art and Philosophy. I worked as and English teacher for the Virtual International School, as well as heading up curriculum for a selective leadership camp in New York. I really focus on bringing the best out of your child, and understand the importance of not just learning exam skills but also developing longer term critical thinking and essay writing skills which will also help them throughout their education and career. I graduated summa cum laude with honours from my BA in Liberal Arts and Science in 2018, during which I was a writing skills tutor for the university, and I am currently completely my MA in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam.

How does Phoebe run their lessons?

The way I run my lessons is by starting with understanding a students previous knowledge base, and what they are wanting to work on. If you're prepping for exams the first thing I do is to run through the syllabus, find out which aspects you're finding difficult and which parts you are already doing well in. From there we'll make a plan to target the areas of difficulty, and strengthen area's that are already going well. This allows the student to understand both the goals we're trying to reach and how we're going to reach them. I also like to establish how students work best, in a classroom a teacher has to work with a large number of students and often needs to use a catch-all teaching method. With tutoring, we can make a learning plan that focuses on the student and how they learn best, I always like to have several options prepared for the first session to help with this. I have found this can also help to really increase engagement in a subject, if you're being taught English literature in a way that feels dry to you if makes it incredibly difficult to do well. Whereas if we find a way to make the material interesting and relevant to you then it really helps connection with the subject.


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