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Who are the tutors?

Every tutor on the novatutors platform has gone through our tough interview process. We have personally vetted, interviewed, and tested every tutor on our platform to make sure that they really know their stuff!

Our tutors are current students or graduates of the best universities in the UK. They have achieved top grades in the same exams for which your child is preparing.

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Free resources

Our tutors and students are able to access our curated bank of learning resources that helps students with homework and revision!

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Help from us, whenever you need it

The team at novatutors is always on hand to help you at every stage of your journey with us. Simply give us an email or call and one of our tutor-experts will help you get matched up with a tutor.

Do you hate waiting on hold or talking to chat bots? We do! When you message us you will be talking to real people who really care about helping you. We are a small business and when you speak to a member of our team you are often talking to one of our founders/company directors.

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Monthly Memberships & Pay as You Go

Trust us, we hate being forced to sign uneccesary contracts. Nobody likes spending more than you need to.

With our learning memberships you get four hours of tutoring each week and can cancel at any time.

You simply use your lesson credits each month, and book additional lessons pay as you go, when you need them.

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The UK's most affordable tutoring prices

Did you know that our competitors, including the UK's largest online tutoring platform, take up to 45% of the tutor fee? That means that if you paid £25 for a lesson your tutor would only see £13.75.

Our platform is built and owned by tutors. (You can even still find our two founders tutoring here!) This means that we are always making sure our tutors get the fairest deal possible. Novatutors puts learning first and profit second.

When you find a tutor through novatutors, you know that your money is being invested in your child's learning - not on corporate dividends. Simply put, we're teachers - not investment bankers.

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Step 1: Find your perfect tutor

You can speak to us via email or schedule a call with our tutor-matching experts and we will curate a shortlist of tutors that match your goals.

You can also browse tutor profiles on our Tutor Marketplace

Step 2: Start your Membership and Book your Free First Meeting

After creating a free account on our website go to your chosen tutor's profile page. From there you can request your free introductory meeting with the tutor and get signed up for our membership plan.

Step 3: Book and pay for lessons securely through our platform

After having your free first meeting with the tutor you are able to book and pay for your lessons securely.

With the Learning Membership, you automatically get 4 lesson credits every month. You can arrange your lessons with your tutor through your lessons page.

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