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Your child is unique. One-to-one private tutoring allows them to learn their way

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Our tutors are students & graduates from the UK's top uni's

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How it works

Our online platform allows you to find the perfect tutor for your child.

You can email/call us to discuss your requirements or you can use our Find a Tutor Marketplace.

Then arrange a free meeting with as many of our tutors as you like before you book a lesson (yes, we really mean it when we say you'll have the perfect tutor!).

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Our learning memberships cost £150 per month which works out at £37.50 per hour. Additional lessons can be purchased pay as you go for £40 per hour.

Use our tutor marketplace to browse the tutors on our platform. Then, from the tutor's profile page, send them a message and request a free first meeting with them!

With online tutoring, tutors are able to more easily access and share information with their students. Through using virtual whiteboards, screen sharing and video calls our online lessons provide a great learning environment for both children and tutors.

Of course! If you want help with booking lessons or want us to find a tutor for you then simply give us a call or an email and one of our tutor experts will be happy to help you!
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