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A bit about Micky

Hi! My name is Micky Westerlaken, and I am a 2nd-year Mathematics and Physics student at the University of Edinburgh. I love sharing my passion for my subjects with others through teaching, and hopefully help other students enjoy Maths and Physics as much as I do! Having experienced both the Dutch and the British educational system, I have been able to develop multiple approaches to studying and revising, which has helped me obtain A* grades for all my A-level subjects in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. Using this knowledge, I hope to create an enjoyable and unique learning environment to not only help each student achieve their desired grade but also give them the confidence and skills to tackle any future problems.

How does Micky run their lessons?

The way I run my lessons is... I will spend the initial session getting to know the client, finding out what topics to focus on and how they learn. After that, we will be focusing on the problem areas and learning through interactive tasks, building confidence in learning processes, and developing study habits. I encourage lots of questions, as that is the best way to learn. If a client is in one of their exam years, I believe the best method to prepare for their exam is to do past papers. When I was doing my A-levels and IGCSEs, this helped me a lot with understanding the concepts and developing the best ways to tackle any problems. Especially with subjects such as Maths and Physics, practice is key, and helps you figure out what to focus on and what you already understand.


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What do Micky's students think?

Neve C's review
Lesson provided valuable revision for upcoming Maths & Physics exams and got Neve planning her revision and what topics she’d like to cover next. Thanks

Neve C's review

Subject Exam Board Course Level
Maths SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) National 5
Maths SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) Higher
Maths SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) Advanced Higher
Maths AQA A Level
Maths OCR A Level
Maths Edexcel (Pearson) A Level
Maths Edexcel (Pearson) GCSE
Physics SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) National 5
Physics SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) Higher
Physics SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) Advanced Higher
Physics AQA A Level
Physics AQA GCSE
Physics OCR A Level
Physics OCR GCSE
Physics Edexcel (Pearson) A Level
Physics Edexcel (Pearson) GCSE